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Connecting Wisconsin voters to the info they need

For the Wisconsin Elections Commission, getting ready for a general election meant getting Wisconsin’s citizens up-to-date voting information. They tapped our crew to craft a government web design that could provide easy access to the information voters need.


Keeping up with elections and primaries, getting registered, finding your polling place—there’s a lot for voters to know. There are also a lot of very different voters. KW2’s recommendation, based on more than 3 decades of State of Wisconsin marketing experience, was simple: To effectively serve the entire state’s many diverse populations, everything about the MyVote Wisconsin brand identity and government web design needed to be straightforward, welcoming and highly accessible .


At myvote.wi.gov, task-focused navigation items and step-by-step prompts guide users through complex actions. And simple additions, like the ability to add election dates to your personal calendar, ease the way whether users are on a laptop or phone. Underneath the clean layout and easy-to-use tools, a robust database capable of parsing a state’s worth of secured, interconnected data—including voter records, election dates, polling locations and more—ensures every Wisconsin voter can get the personal, always-accurate information they need.


The site’s easy tools and mobile-friendly facelift were ready for the general election, handling record early voting numbers, more than 100,000 Election Day conversions, nearly 60,000 absentee ballot requests and 20,000 voter registrations without a hitch. And engagement remains high in 2020, with more than 3.6 million visitors and an average time on site of 5:17.

Site Visitors

Graphic showing 3.6 million web visitors in 2018

Visit Duration

Graphic showing 1:50 average site visit duration compared with 5:17 duration on MyVote site
MyVote logo
Iconography created for MyVote website

Laptop computer featuring MyVote website
Page on MyVote website to "Update Address"
Page on MyVote website to preview ballot

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