FACT Tobacco Prevention Branding & Campaign

Recruiting a new generation of anti-tobacco activists

Since 2001, FACT youth had taken their fight for tobacco-free lives directly to Big Tobacco. Twelve years later, the tobacco industry was changing—and so were Wisconsin teens. The Department of Health Services asked us to help the FACT brand keep up.


Smoking rates were down, but the use of e-cigarettes was on the rise. And youth focus groups told us something else was changing: Defying the tobacco industry wasn’t important to middle and high schoolers anymore. Teens didn’t want to rebel; they wanted to be a force for good in their communities. After 14 years helping FACT fight against corporate tobacco, engaging the next generation of young activists would mean rebranding the movement.


FACT’s youth leadership joined the KW2 team for a day of creative exploration, helping develop an authentic new look and voice for the brand’s social media public health campaigns that focused on leadership, loved ones and personal health. The result? A new identity system specifically designed to stand out on cluttered high school bulletin boards and look great on t-shirts, posters, Twitter cover photos, scratch-off games, playing cards and the FACT Movement website


FACT membership climbed following the rebrand. At the same time, Wisconsin’s high school student smoking rate dropped more than 20%. Involving teens helped make our brand reboot an unqualified success, driving youth engagement with new recruitment materials, FACTivism activities and the social media health campaign tools young people need to spread the truth about tobacco’s harms.

"As a youth-driven tobacco prevention program, we’re always looking for ways to increase the level of youth engagement in our programming. When we initiated a contest encouraging teens to submit their ideas for peer-to-peer advocacy activities, the team at KW2 jumped right in to help us create a project development process where teens could work with us as partners. The youth were integrated into each phase, from the initial idea development to actually coming to KW2’s office and collaborating with their design and copywriting staff, to providing feedback on the initial drafts. An awesome experience has been had by all."

Renee Wadzinski, Manager, Fact Movement

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