Want to sharpen your strategies? Deepen your understanding with actionable research

Influencing and anticipating audience behaviors. Creating effective and differentiating communications. Making the most of every media dollar. It’s all possible when you understand what’s driving your organization’s most loyal followers and promising prospects. KW2’s experiences research team can make it happen. How? By using a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to observe behaviors, dive deeper into needs and motivations, and develop game-changing insights.

First, we’ll uncover your goals and determine the right mix of research tools and technologies to deliver the clear findings you need—whether you’re launching a new campaign or website, creating a new initiative or product, or need to turn a new challenge into a competitive advantage. Then we’ll work with you to recruit participants, conduct focus groups and online panels, develop surveys, assess analytics data, and test the usability of digital products. 

And here’s the most important part: Once KW2 discovers what your audience believes, we’ll make actionable recommendations based on that data. Our deep analysis will uncover hidden patterns you can turn into impactful business and marketing strategies. So you can ground your next move in first-hand truths and get unprecedented results.


KW2's experience can help you:

Connect with your audience

Uncover audience perceptions and needs that can help you communicate more effectively and form deeper, lasting relationships. 

  • Brand Research
  • Message Testing
  • Market Research
  • Customer Experience and User Research

Measure your success

Launch campaigns with confidence and separate the data from the noise with research that helps you see what works and measure what matters.

  • Creative Testing
  • Pre- and Post-Campaign Measurement
  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics Planning, Monitoring, and Reporting

Deliver user-centered experiences

It starts with understanding your audiences’ goals and barriers, their culture and language, and the content and experiences that excite them most.   

  • User Experience Research
  • Information Architecture Research
  • Content Testing
  • User Journey Mapping