Resilient Wisconsin: Trauma and Resilience Campaign

Connecting 52 times more people to trauma-informed resources

We’re all shaped by the world around us – the places we live, challenges we encounter, and relationships we build. With nationwide stressors compounded by these experiences, communities were craving resources to navigate it all. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services [DHS] teamed up with KW2 to develop and launch a new statewide initiative to help people cope and connect: Resilient Wisconsin.


With vital treatment services feeling the pinch from the rising number of people facing crises and grappling with new stressors, we knew we had to rethink our approach. Our strategy was clear: tackle the root causes of stress head-on to prevent harm before it occurs. But to pull it off, we had to break through the silos of prevention to take a broader, more inclusive approach to trauma and empower people of different backgrounds to build resilience. Recognizing the importance of reaching those most in need, we strengthened our focus to helping the helpers: caregivers, first responders and frontline workers, and everyday people who care for others. 


We kicked off with a fresh initiative, pairing vibrant, inspiring colors with simple-yet-effective messaging. Armed with a new logo and vision, we crafted a series of uplifting materials to distribute to helpers statewide. Our goal? Sharing emotive tales from real Wisconsinites and underscoring the value of seeking support during challenging times. Our initial campaign was comprehensive, encompassing outreach materials, testimonial videos, and website content. The launch of Resilient Wisconsin was so successful that we expanded our collateral to new audiences and messages – and even promoted resources to helpers through a statewide media buy.


The videos garnered an enthusiastic response, even clinching our DHS team two prestigious Blue Pencil & Gold Screen awards from the National Association of Government Communicators. Over 3.7 million Wisconsinites saw videos and other assets and our media efforts marked a staggering increase in web traffic by 52 times compared to the months preceding our rollout. Audiences were eager for resources, with a bounce rate over 10% lower than industry benchmarks and an average web page session duration of 1 minute and 18 seconds. Caregivers across the state eagerly downloaded thousands of resources, empowering themselves to tackle life's hurdles head-on and effectively manage their stress.

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