The Loop Tobacco Prevention Campaign

Linking nicotine and teen anxiety with 280% more site visits

Teen mental health has become a growing concern since 2019, with good reason. Almost half of Wisconsin teens report feelings of anxiety—and many are using vapes and other nicotine products to cope. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ Tobacco Prevention & Control Program partnered with KW2 to let parents know: Nicotine actually makes teen anxiety worse.


Nearly 75% of parents say the pandemic has damaged their child’s mental health. For Wisconsin families still dealing with the aftershocks of COVID-19, preventing teen tobacco use can seem less important than protecting their teen’s emotional wellbeing. That's because they don’t realize using nicotine puts children at greater risk for mental health challenges like stress and depression. We needed to help parents understand the dangerous link between nicotine, addiction and teen anxiety. 


KW2 strategists leveraged the client’s successful Tobacco Is Changing campaign to make our ads instantly credible and relevant for parents. New mental health messaging and repetitive design elements helped parents recognize the vicious cycle of stress and addiction that can trap young people. And we added urgency and authenticity to our story by introducing new teen voices alongside the brand’s trusted spokesperson, Marie Justice, in campaign videos and digital ads. Launched statewide, The Loop drove audiences to an educational website where parents can learn more about youth nicotine use, mental health, and how to talk to kids about tobacco. 


Over 17 million Wisconsinites have seen The Loop so far. More importantly, over 35,000 people have visited the Tobacco is Changing website—a 280% increase over previous campaigns. Our digital and traditional media buy has helped Wisconsin families recognize the mental health dangers of nicotine and get the info and resources parents and kids need. Now DHS strategic partners are sharing The Loop in their own communities, keeping the conversation going while KW2 plans the campaign’s next phase.

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Kw2 Case Study Tobacco Prevention Print Ad

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