Northcentral Technical College Digital Advertising

Increasing applications, lowering cost per click

Northcentral Technical College was seeing solid results from their digital media efforts. But with leaner budgets ahead, their marketing team needed a strategy that could produce more enrollment-bound clicks with a smaller ad spend.


When unemployment rates are low, FTE enrollments at technical and community colleges can drop—along with marketing department budgets. To encourage high-value conversions, NTC needed to create a consistent and compelling online campaign for prospects from digital ads and landing pages to the apply button. KW2’s task? To provide higher returns for less by bringing the college’s digital advertising messaging, imagery and website content into alignment.


Since 2014 KW2 has managed all of NTC’s paid digital media efforts. We’ve built our success on continual digital advertising optimization guided by in-depth quarterly ad performance reporting. In addition, our easy-to-use digital media dashboard gives higher education marketing clients on-demand access to online campaign metrics—making it fast and easy to implement smart, data-backed improvements.


Today, apply button clicks costs NTC 46% less than they did just two years ago. We’ve also boosted conversions by 75% and dramatically increasing impressions. More importantly, KW2’s digital media buying and planning services have steadily improved NTC’s buy efficiency year over year, for four years and running. Our insights have helped the college develop high-performance creative assets. And KW2’s high-touch approach to higher education marketing and media placement allows NTC to extend their team’s marketing capabilities without adding personnel.

2017 Impressions

Graphic showing 30,000,000 impressions in 2017

Conversion Rate

Graphic showing 260% increase in conversions from 2016 to 2017

Total Conversions

Graphic showing 75% increase in total conversions

Cost Per Apply Click

Graphic showing decrease in cost per click by 46% between 2015-2017

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