Madison College Recruitment Campaign

Delivering a holistic strategy and 53% more applications

College enrollment dropped nearly 7% nationwide by the fall of 2021. And like many higher ed institutions, Madison College admissions felt the pinch of COVID-19 across their whole campus. So we worked together to buck that trend with an integrated marketing campaign designed to boost their brand story, promote key programs, and turn pandemic-weary prospects into enthusiastic applicants. 


To align Madison College's recruitment marketing strategies throughout the student journey, KW2 dug in. We turned local and labor market research, existing enrollment and digital media data, and critical trends analysis into a focused, omnichannel strategy designed to drive up applications. Next, we tapped into our deep understanding of the higher education audience to develop messaging that would resonate. Our research found that many prospective students feel marginalized by the average admissions process. Madison College's promise to value students for who they truly are would set the institution apart.


Our Apply Your Self campaign used persona-driven ads to reach key audience segments and celebrate prospective students' unique (and too-often undervalued) strengths and attributes. It also allowed us to highlight Madison College’s top academic programs. A sophisticated mix of highly-targeted brand awareness, recruitment, student re-enrollment, and program & continuing education ad sets extended the Apply Your Self message seamlessly across traditional and digital channels. These tactics delivered a unified message via OTT and streaming social video, in addition to custom emails and campaign landing pages, banner ads, social posts, and more.


KW2's integrated strategy and standout creative approach increased new applications by more than 50% and generated an incredible 30% jump in leads between the fall and spring semesters. And let's not forget about the clicks. The campaign doubled Madison College's year-over-year click-thru rate, delivering nearly 100,000 clicks during the spring launch (that's 3X the average) and more than 7 MM impressions. Apply Your Self has also earned advertising awards and stakeholder accolades from every corner of Madison College's campuses. 

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