Johns Hopkins University VoICE Website

Connecting vaccine advocates with the research to make their case

Vaccine advocates around the world turn to the International Vaccine Access Center at Johns Hopkins University for the scientific evidence they need to shape public policy and get vaccines to those in need. To streamline the pathways to that critical information, KW2 and the programming team at Earthling Interactive partnered up.


On its VoICE website, the International Vaccine Access Center at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health collects scientific studies that prove immunization’s positive effects on worldwide quality of life. But the site’s outdated structure made it difficult for advocates to find the relevant proof they needed, and even harder to recognize the broad range of related immunization benefits hidden in the research. VoICE’s new higher education website design would need to deliver focused results and opportunities for free-ranging exploration.


First, we overhauled on-site search with streamlined filters and redesigned results to help advocates locate relevant research at a glance. Then we reimagined the VoICE experience to introduce users to related research content throughout their journey. A redesigned homepage highlights interrelated content, and new featured topics pages provide much-needed context for the latest immunization findings. Finally, KW2’s higher education website design exposes advocates to all the impacts associated with each specific study on the VoICE site—inviting users to delve into interconnected research and make the most of related findings.


In just a few short weeks, the International Vaccine Access Center had a brand-new VoICE site that allowed them to better support vaccine advocates. Now site visitors around the globe can find the scientific research they need quickly and easily—while discovering new and compelling immunization facts that make their work on behalf of immunization even more effective.

Laptop screen featuring "Key Ideas" on the VoICE website
Laptop featuring resources on VoICE website

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