Five for Families Awareness Campaign & Website

Strengthening families with a groundbreaking public awareness campaign

Strong families build strong communities. And research shows there are five factors that can strengthen families and reduce the risk of child maltreatment. To help families learn more, Wisconsin’s Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board worked with KW2 to create an educational campaign every parent could relate to.


According to Wisconsin parents, key stakeholders and parent educators, weathering the ups and downs of family life isn’t easy. To break through, KW2’s campaign needed to employ our proven maxims for successful public sector marketing and remind parents every family faces challenges and every family has strengths.


Working side by side with Prevention Board staff and Wisconsin parents, KW2 helped turn research and scientific terms into family-friendly language, tips and tools. At the same time, message testing and one-on-one interviews with Wisconsin parents and guardians who use the 5 Strengths in their own homes set the tone for simple, honest behavior change communications. Now families across the state are finding out about the 5 Strengths via posters and print, social and transit media placements, online videos and


Launched in June of 2018, the Prevention Board’s public sector marketing campaign is projected to earn nearly 32 million impressions in its first year and has already earned the support of parent educators.

“We know that it wasn’t easy to translate highly technical and abstract material into something approachable and understandable by everyone, but in my eyes, we have succeeded in doing just that. This wouldn’t have been possible without KW2’s ability to truly listen, problem-solve and move the campaign forward. We are grateful to everyone on the team.”

Michelle Jensen, Executive Director, Wisconsin Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Board

Social posts depicting the Five Strengths
Laptop computer featuring youtube video created for Five for families campaign

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