Calculating ROI and Understanding Value

Higher Value for Higher Education: Calculating ROI and Understanding Value

KW2’s Higher Value for Higher Education webinar series was designed to help higher education marketers get the most value out of your best source of free data: your site’s analytics. In Part III of our series, Calculating ROI and Understanding Value, you’ll learn how to determine a realistic value for users’ on-site actions and use that value along with your investment to calculate the ROI and ROAS of your marketing efforts.

Our 50-minute webinar provides the formulas and calculators you’ll need to determine how much value your website brings to your organization and which marketing efforts are performing best.

Higher Value for Higher Ed: Calculating ROI and Understanding Value will give you:

  • Two strategies for assigning a value to on-site behavior
  • Two ways to determine your marketing investment based on ad spend and other less-tangible factors like staff time, printing costs, graphic purchases and more
  • Formulas and calculators to find ROI and ROAS so you can improve the performance of your marketing efforts over time
  • Ways to report this valuable data to your stakeholders

This webinar is part of a three-part series designed to help four- and two-year universities and community and technical colleges get the most out of your website’s analytics and improve your marketing ROI. View Part I and Part II here: