WIDA Website Redesign and Brand Identity

Creating cohesion for English language learners around the world

WIDA is an organization within the University of Wisconsin-Madison dedicated to the academic success of multilingual learners. It offers a comprehensive, research-based system of language development standards, assessments, instructional tools and professional learning. WIDA’s resources are used by 42 domestic states, territories and federal agencies, and approximately 500 international schools throughout the world.  WIDA is housed in one of the first, largest and most productive education research centers in the world – the Wisconsin Center for Education Research.


While WIDA offers worldwide, trusted assessments for English Language Learners, we discovered that most educators didn’t understand or use the intricate facets that make up the core programs in the WIDA System. 

KW2 conducted a user experience analysis across 16 different online properties and found the WIDA System was fragmented. We needed to unify their online properties. Additionally, the language that was used across their websites was complex and went into great detail. Educators needed concise, easy-to-follow steps.


We needed to break apart a decade of the domestic and international WIDA System silos, and through content strategy and planning, reconstruct them based on how interdependent and connected they are. The first step was to ensure navigation language and site categorization was clear and helped expose users to related content and ideas. We conducted tree testing with educators to make sure the site architecture matched the ways they were using the WIDA System in their schools and classrooms.

We also unified the fragmented WIDA System through a brand identity system, cohesive messaging and template designs that can be used across WIDA products and services. The pinnacle of this brand unification was a logo redesign that represented the innovative, worldly organization.


KW2 conducted user testing before and after launch to ensure the new site met users’ needs. After launch, the new site’s streamlined navigation resulted in a more focused way for users to find the content they needed. Our research and analytics reporting illustrated that the cross-promotion of WIDA resources improved, seeing a noticeable increase in engagement with the “Teach” and “Grow” content on the site. Over 2.5 million users funneled to another core WIDA program through the new site.

Open laptop on desk with notebook and papers WIDA website on screen
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WIDA website on a laptop showing information about Standards and In-Person Training
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