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Bringing business goals and branding into alignment

When Fortune 100 retailers need to update their point-of-sale displays, launch 1,000 new stores or solve electronics problems at 3 a.m., they call NET Technology. In the field, NET always delivers cutting-edge solutions and support. It was time for their brand to do the same.


Dated design and competing IT marketing messages had left NET struggling to communicate their value. So we dug into their audience’s needs and discovered a driving desire for what we called “knowledgeable reliability.” Regional retail supervisors don’t have the time to manage a stable of tech specialists—or the stomach to lose perfectly good profits when systems go down and productivity dips. NET’s famous hustle, huge service network and wide-ranging expertise were the answer.


With refocused messaging and the launch of a sharp new logo design and visual system, KW2’s brand development process led us to reposition NET as the nation’s only reliable provider of comprehensive, cutting-edge tech services. Meanwhile, at, a remapped site architecture shortens the distance between visitors and their goals. Featured case studies showcase the company’s unique services and field-tested expertise. And social media and inbound marketing strategies strengthen NET’s successful, referral-based sales model.


NET’s capabilities and brand communications are finally in sync. The dramatic change—from dangerously outdated to confidently au courant IT marketing—has earned applause from existing clients. It has also helped the brand deliver a clear and persuasive promise to NET’s prospective customers, along with the greater website functionality, efficiency and sales support retailers expect from the nation’s leading tech service provider.

"From the conception of the rebrand, KW2 consistently met or exceeded every one of my expectations. The creative talent of the KW2 team took my thoughts to a reality that will live on the web for years to come. Well done!"

James Brandenburg, Director of Sales, NET

Sketches of original concepts for NET logo
Final NET logo
Icons used to designed different industries on NET website

Laptop computer featuring NET website homepage

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