The Alliance Brand Strategy & Campaign

Aligning sales and marketing with an evolved brand

The Alliance provides major employers with the collective buying power, data and support to take control of their own self-funded health care choices. It’s an incredible brand story but, until recently, The Alliance didn’t know how to tell it.


After conducting focus groups with major Wisconsin and Illinois employers and insurance brokers, one thing was clear. The mission-driven organization insiders saw in the mirror—and sold to others—didn’t look anything like the smart and supportive Alliance its most loyal members described. It was time to reposition the brand.


KW2’s insurance marketing agency experience helped us quickly turn reams of focus group research into distinct messaging strategy options we tested with internal teams. We developed a brand guide and character to outline The Alliance’s new positioning, worldview, tone and promise to consumers. Finally, we launched Alliance Answers, an insights-driven marketing campaign highlighting the cooperative’s exceptional responsiveness and unrivaled expertise.


The Alliance is still rolling out their new marketing campaign, but the organization’s energized visuals and realigned brand positioning is a hit with internal audiences. For many insiders, it’s a relief to finally have a brand story that’s authentic for company stakeholders—and desirable to insurance brokers and prospective members who are weighing their self-funding options.

“When we heard KW2’s description of our brand, it immediately resonated with us. They captured exactly who we are and gave us clear advice on how to convey it internally and externally. We’re speaking with a consistent voice now, which makes our brand much more recognizable in the markets we serve.”

Tierney Anderson, Senior Marketing & Events Specialist, The Alliance

Set of six Alliance icons
Advertisement about Alliance
Advertisement about Alliance

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