Webinar: Attract and Develop the Next Generation of Values-Driven Leaders

About the Webinar

Across the nation, public service agencies, nonprofits, education institutions, and mission-driven companies are looking for effective ways to recruit and retain employees amid historic labor shortages. But what are values-driven individuals really looking for in their employer?  

Recent KW2 research engaging over 600 Midwesterners under the age of 35 reveals that nearly two-thirds of individuals want employers that positively change the world. But they also have different expectations from previous generations. Watch KW2 experts and CultureCon LLC present more information about these research findings and how to break through the recruitment noise to reach your next generation of leaders.  

Panelists include: Colin H. Mincy, Former Chief People Officer for Global Human Rights Watch and current CultureCon Contributor; Allison Trapp, Leading Behavior Change Strategist and Researcher with nearly two decades of experience; and Molly Dillman, Former Wisconsin Gubernatorial Appointee and UW Chief of Staff.  

This webinar explores the following key areas:   

  • What KW2 research shows values-driven individuals are looking for in their prospective and current employers 
  • How organizations can leverage these insights to position themselves better to attract high-quality candidates 
  • How the recruitment and hiring processes influence prospective employee decision-making 
  • Strategies on how to retain values-driven employees