Allison Trapp
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Allison Trapp

Director of Research

Allison Trapp strengthens strategy with big truths

If there’s one thing our Director of Research can’t stand, it’s a laundry list. “There are so many sophisticated quantitative and qualitative tools out there. But even when organizations choose their research methods wisely, they can still end up with reams of disconnected data points,” says Allison. It’s a good thing she has made a 15-year career out of connecting the dots for brands like Johnson Outdoors, Culver’s, Fiskars, Kwik Trip, Sargento, and Stonyfield Farm. “Turning that laundry list into a cohesive, people-centric story that brands can actually use? It’s the best part of my job.”

A seasoned user experience designer with Nielsen Norman Group UX and Google Analytics certifications, Allison’s mix of technical knowledge and strategic communications expertise makes her the perfect research partner for marketers in need of clear, actionable insights. She’s also a serious foodie and fierce competitor. Want proof? Just ask to see her wall of KW2 Halloween Costume and Chili Cook-off trophies.