Five ways marketing automation will land you better leads

Though it’s not a new technology, adoption of marketing automation software is on the rise, with 63% of marketers planning to increase their marketing automation budget in 2018. Marketing automation has been proven to increase leads and conversions, and leading organizations are 67% more likely to use a marketing automation platform. 

If you haven’t implemented marketing automation software yet, now is a great time to start generating lead – marketing and sales - saving time and improving the ROI of your marketing efforts. Here are five ways your B2B company can benefit from implementing a marketing automation software like SharpSpring, Hubspot  or Marketo.

1. Increase leads and conversions

We’re going to start with the biggie. Adopting marketing automation will increase leads and drive more conversions. In a study conducted by VB, 80% of marketing automation users saw their number of leads increase and 77% saw the number of conversions increase. Marketing automation helps B2B companies nurture leads, providing the right content and messaging at the right time on the right channel, all of which leads to better results.

2. Save marketing staff time

On the other end of the ROI equation, marketing automation can help you reduce the investment it takes to market your organization to business customers. By streamlining the process, automating repetitive tasks and decreasing the amount of staff time spent on marketing efforts, each new campaign or tactic becomes more efficient, reducing internal marketing costs and freeing staff up to use their time in better ways.

3. Improve the marketing to sales handoff

Many popular marketing automation platforms like SharpSpring have a CRM component, allowing businesses to easily convert a marketing lead into a sales opportunity, all in the same software. By tracking the life of the lead from its creation to closure in the same platform, everyone on the team can easily see all communications that have been sent to the prospect, reducing the chance for miscommunication, a dropped lead or duplicated efforts.

4. Seamlessly market across channels

Marketing automation software typically integrates a variety of channels, from email, to social, to landing pages and website forms. Setting up multi-channel campaigns is easier when you’re using a single platform (part of that time savings that leads to increased ROI!), and allows you to more easily report on the effectiveness of a campaign while it’s running or when it’s concluded. Viewing all of your marketing efforts in one location makes it simple to see what’s working—and what isn’t.

5. Personalize your content to create a better customer experience

Customers now expect personalization—76% of customers now expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. Marketing automation software allows you to not only personalize the recipient’s name and company, but to provide truly relevant and variable content based on the customer’s previous behavior, interests and even their customer persona. Personalization provides a better experience, which in turn is more likely to drive conversions as customers are more likely to make purchases and stay with organizations that understand and meet their needs.  

If you’re not using a marketing automation software, you’re leaving warm leads on the table. But, it’s not too late to start reaping the benefits of marketing automation and increasing your marketing qualified leads and your sales qualified leads. And, guess what happens then? A data-driven way to track the ROI of your sales and marketing efforts.

Ready to get started? 

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