Lisa Maiers
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Lisa Maiers

Director of Higher Education

Lisa Maiers shares her passion for higher education.

After more than a decade spent collaborating with leading higher ed institutions, Lisa still gets excited when schools and students set and reach big, moonshot goals. Her calling? Giving clients the tools to stay nimble in a rapidly changing industry. “I have the chance to help colleges and universities shift tired, out-of-date marketing mindsets and approaches, and evolve their positions in the global higher education community,” says Lisa. “I love working with clients who are as passionate as I am about providing people with the keys to opportunity.” 

Along the way, she’s formed close partnerships with technical colleges and universities across the country and throughout Wisconsin, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Northwood Tech, Madison College and The Wisconsin Technical College System. And when Lisa’s not delivering brand and messaging strategies, marketing plans, and website redesigns or parsing traditional and digital media metrics, she’s planning family trips and kicking back on movie nights with her husband and two (genuinely) adorable kids.