Revamp your social media marketing strategy

Download our free guide and content editorial calendar

Is great social media content falling to the bottom of your to-do list? Are you feeling the hit of the latest social media algorithm change? This could be the time to revisit and revamp your approach.

If your social channels are in need of some love and attention, we have the tools to get you on the right track. It begins with three essential components to a successful social media program:

  1. A strategy based on your audience’s needs
  2. A sustainable, actionable, goals-driven plan
  3. The process and tools to make it all happen

Our Social Media Strategy and Planning Guide will help you with all of the above. It’ll walk you through the essential questions to help you define your audiences and the content areas you can deliver on, establish your positioning and niche and focus on goal-driven metrics that will measure the success of your social program. Once you tailor those answers to your organization, Part Two of the guide will walk you through a checklist to help you plan the frequency, times of day and content areas of your posts. 

The questions aren’t easy to answer, but once you have, you’ll be on your way to a social media strategy that’s re-focused on your goals, speaks intelligently to your audiences and is realistic to maintain. Plus, our free editorial calendar template will help you plan your posts well in advance and promote visibility among team members. 

Once you answer all the questions in the guide, you’ll be ready to start a more sustainable, focused social media program. We want to hear how it’s going. Let us know how this planning guide worked for you, and how your social program changes once you put your new plan in place.