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Digital Media Manager Jonathan Matheny says:

"Find opportunities or make them."

Our clients’ business and marketing goals are used to inform every single step of marketing planning. All strategies are developed with their specific goals in mind—and our media planning process is no different. All media tactics and targeting are evaluated on their ability to help reach those goals, and continually re-evaluated throughout the campaign. But it’s not just about the chosen media tactics—we’re concerned with ensuring your intended audience receives a relevant message in the right environment, and has the tools to solve their problem or answer their question in a frictionless way. That plays out through social channels, search results, the website and every touchpoint in a customer’s journey. 

KW2 was founded by two media buyers—so we value the difference between impressions and effectiveness. Our consumer-centric approach marries context and creative—ensuring brand interactions perfectly match users' expectations and needs, while taking advantage of those channels and moments with the most purchase promise.