Zerology Branding and Responsive Web Design

Bold branding for a paradigm-shifting mobility startup

A tech startup with an audacious shared mobility mission, Zerology is out to shift the way Madison thinks about transportation, using smart mobile tech and all-electric vehicles to get around. And much like a startup, KW2 sprinted to help launch this groundbreaking Transportation As A Service (TAAS) platform launch in record time — from brand strategy and a successful earned media push to identity and environmental design to a responsive website.


To build momentum and a strong base of early adopters, we worked hand-in-hand with Zerology’s executive team to develop persuasive message strategies for Madison businesses and commuters looking for a convenient alternative to car ownership. The main idea? Eco-friendly transportation made easy.


We created an exciting promise for shared mobility that's built to make a powerful, omnichannel impact. At, future partners and investors can instantly reach out to Zerology’s business development team, while commuters learn more about the company’s forward-thinking vision, explore their car sharing option, or download their mobile app. And our dynamic logo design and brand development work ensures Zerology will stand out online and on the streets.


We helped guide the rollout of their first service line, zero-emissions carsharing. We’ve given the start-up’s business development team polished tools for building strategic partnerships. And KW2’s earned media strategy successfully communicated the startup’s first major acquisition, Green Cab of Madison—generating buzz among daily drivers and elected officials. With KW2’s elbow grease and Zerology’s passion for a zero-emission future, one of the Midwest’s most livable cities is about to get even better.

KW2 was able to understand our vision and move quickly to help us develop a business idea, into a full compelling brand identity. KW2 was essential helping us launch us our mission of convenient, shared mobility to Madison —  all while reducing greenhouse emissions and building a healthier future for everyone. 

Shree Kalluri, Founder and CEO, Zerology

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