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One new feature, 35,000 new higher ed leads generated

It’s one of the most revered institutions for cutting-edge engineering education on the planet. But on the web, UW-Madison’s College of Engineering was struggling to connect. Why? KW2 was determined to find out.


Step one? User research. KW2 surveyed nearly 500 faculty, students and prospects to find out what they wanted to accomplish at—and what they couldn’t. At the root of the college’s problem? Confusing persona-based navigation that pigeon-holed visitors and forced site administrators to duplicate or specialize core content for each audience.


We worked closely with the College to refocus their new higher ed web design on user goals instead of users. KW2 also added new features to help visitors locate, engage and leave feeling successful, like a new major matching tool that links prospects’ interests with areas of study. Easier access to department info for current students. Research and faculty profiles for grad school candidates. And front-and-center coverage of the college’s groundbreaking work.


In its first year, the College’s new Find Your Major tool delivered more than 35,000 prospective students to content that supports school recruitment as well as University of Wisconsin marketing goals. And that’s just one upgrade. Feature by feature, this mobile-friendly higher ed web design is bringing the school’s well-earned reputation for innovation out of the classroom and onto the web.

35,000+ Conversions

Graphic of open laptop displaying 35,000 conversions from 2026-2017

Website page showing facts about UWCOE
Mobile device with UWCOE site on screen background is a woman in a lab with red overlay on image

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