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Boosting App Store traffic an appetizing 300%

EatStreet’s easy online ordering connects empty bellies to local restaurants in 250 cities nationwide. To drive app downloads, their team needed a new TV spot on the air in just three-ish weeks. KW2 went to work.


Made for students and young professionals with busy lives, zero cooking skills and only 3 of the 14 required ingredients for Mu Shoo Pork, KW2 knew EatStreet could win over mobile-first food opportunists who want food that’s as easy as it is tasty.


With one finger and a few taps in the EatStreet app, you’ve got takeout. That’s easy. So KW2 built a lighthearted :30 story around that simple gesture—and a moment anyone who’s ever been hangry can relate to: standing at an empty fridge, delivering a hopeful prod or wary poke to limp leftovers while your stomach growls.


Our television spot sparked a 300% increase in App Store traffic, helping EatStreet achieve a year’s worth of visits in just 3 months.

App Store Traffic

Bar graph depicting 300% increase in traffic to app store post-launch
Production behind the scenes at commercial shoot
Behind the scenes at commercial shoot

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