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Making a splash in new markets with better branding

There’s safety in the familiar. For those who use water on an industrial scale, old-school liquid stream treatment solutions seem like the easy choice—even if they’re older, riskier, costlier and less efficient than BioIonix’s groundbreaking disinfection tech. To build trust in new markets, the company needed a site and brand story as uncomplicated and smart as their innovations.


When sales team members are there to explain the science behind BioIonix’s proprietary process, they always close the deal. But on—where prospects head to validate the company’s innovations and product applications—groundbreaking innovations were buried in engineering specs and jargon. The fix? Clear-cut content tailored to help consumers see how BioIonix could solve their specific industrial water treatment needs.


From brand positioning and identity design to the development of easy-to-understand site copy and infographics, KW2’s branding and web design services were grounded in a thorough understanding of the BioIonix purchase funnel. It shaped the site’s new user-centric navigation and helped our strategists streamline existing assets. And it inspired new filters and features, including a Talk to An Expert promo. Most importantly, understanding BioIonix’s sales process helped us identify the emotional and rational proof points that resonate with the company’s intended audiences and translate a complex engineering process into compelling, benefit-focused content for new markets.


Warmer qualified leads. A 128% increase in users. An effective user experience that’s helping more prospects explore BioIonix’s custom solutions and industry-specific applications. That’s what KW2 branding and web design services delivered, along with a sharp new look, strategic brand positioning and smart content that helps change-adverse prospects understand the value of true innovation. Now BioIonix has the tools to turn skeptics into supporters and enter new markets with confidence.

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